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  Card Personalisation System  

Quick, Dependable!

The Matica Z1 Card Embosser offers the ideal solution for "on the spot" issuance of patient cards in smaller/medium or decentralised hospital environments, membership & loyalty cards in retail/department stores, hotel & leisure cards, etc.

Standard Features
- 60 character embossing drum configured for embossing or    indent (front)
- Standard Gothic & OCR7B + 6 punctuation marks
- Automatic card feed
- Key-lock feature
- LCD display (40 x 2)
- 10 pre-stored embossing formats + 10 pre-stored formats for    wristband printer
- 3 Function keys
- 2 Serial RS232C Ports
- Output Hopper for 5-10 cards
- Windows 3.1/95/98/2000 and NT drivers compatible
- Upgradeable Firmware via PC on Flash EPROM
- Keyboard (UK)
- MatiCard user software
- Diagnostics Software

- Recommended production volume:
  300 cards per day
- Card production speed:
  Approximately 25 seconds (based on   ISO standard financial card format)
- Physical Dimensions (WxDxH):
  430mm x 400mm x 170mm
- Weight:
  17 kg