Company Profile

Business is in a state of rapid change. The marketplace has never been more fulfilling as companies fight to offer the best products and  consumers reap the benefits of fast-evolving technology and competition. Through it all, the people who generate better ideas--the people who  innovate--will win devoted customers, drive markets and grow their businesses. This is what Digital Networks is all about.

Digital Networks was founded on a tradition of innovation by the same management team along with a staff of talented marketing, sales,  engineering and support professionals, we started Digital Networksin mid-1997 to focus our energies on:

 1: ....making our current product lines even more successful, and
 2:....exploring untapped new markets and breaking through with products that satisfy previously unmet needs.

 If you've been working with our products & services, rest assured it will be business as usual: the same quality, commitment and support. When  it comes to our new-product development, however, get ready for some surprises. Our potential in this area is unlimited. We think you'll really  like what you see.............